Other Projects
Online Setu Software for processing of various Government Certificates
E-Governance of the SP Office Portal project will ensure that everyone will have access to various documents or certification he needs from the government at the click of a button on a personal computer. All that is required is to submit the hard copy at the office Window at the collector's office along with the required documentation (also clearly highlighted on the user-friendly website). It is our portal goal to issue the certificate normally within minimum time span. The applicants will be informed of the status online.
The purpose of the portal is to make the entire process transparent so that any layman can easily follow the step-by-step instructions to get the desired certificate
hassle-free and on time. Our portal ensures the process is convenient, faster and fully beneficial to the common man.
This portal is an initiative by this Collectorate to be more responsive to the people's need using today's Information Technology (IT). This portal has built the bridge. Use it. And help us to help you in the better way.
E - Media Software for Information & Public Relation Department
E Media Software is more powerful tool to update everyone with the latest and most important news with in few seconds across the globe.
All the ways to representation & functions used are above the standard mark.
Addition of the new innovative things are simple. And switching to the newer version is simple and fast.
With the rich User Interface, end user will easily get familiar with the system.
You will get all the required facilities at a place. No need to move to other sites. Enjoy the bunch of the rich facilities in the software.
E - Lokshahi Din Application for the citizen complaints
Lokshahi Din Complaint Management is a management technique for assessing, analyzing and responding to customer complaints. Lokshahi Din Complaints management software is used to record, resolve and respond to customer complaints, requests as well as facilitate any other feedback. These software solutions are utilized to handle complaints through three main business protocols when implemented:
•  Establishing and agreeing on the complaint
•  Provide best solution to the complainer in minimum time span
•  Keep track of the all complaints with every details.
The process of dealing with complaints through complaints management software is broken down below together with related features and benefits in bullets.
Maha-Rain, a rain fall management software
Daily rain fall measuring is one of the complex thing & time consuming. This will require extra manpower and extra expenses. Also additionally errors may happen during manual execution. Due to these wrong entries, report generated may be partial or full wrong.
These generated reports are used for number of different Government schemes. Also used to predict disastrous conditions & intimate us to make control provision. Due to the wrong reports, common peoples get misguided may lack in production.
To avoid this, Maharain the excellent concept developed by Magnum Opus team. In this system Tahasildar has to send the detailed SMS related the rain fall. By collecting these rain fall figures a district wise report is generated, that can viewed online from any where. In minimum time span correct reports are generated. These generated reports are then sent to the concern persons for further use.
Document Journey Management System for Government Offices
In every interaction of the citizen with the Maharashtra Government different departments, whether it was regarding a query, a complaint or a request, required quick response and action from the departments. The citizen had to visit the department office and follow-up to know the status and the progress of the query, complaint or request. On the other hand, the departments needed to manage their files and documents in a more efficient manner so that they could service the citizens in a timely and transparent manner.
A new avatar of the Document Journey Management System (DJMS) was designed, developed and implemented by the Magnum Opus.
Document Journey Management System is an application which is
used to track the movement of file and references with the different government organization. It help the employees to maintain a consistent watch over movement of various important documents in the process of decision making. This monitoring helps in making important decision at different levels in an organization. This is made possible by a strong Management Information System (MIS) which not only generates various reports but also provides a daily performance report and an Arrears List. An extensive Administrative module is designed to maintain departmental as well as employee details.
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